about masako

デザイナー masako(まさこ)
1973年 神奈川県葉山町出身
女子美術短期大学 London College of Fashion

何のジャンルにも当てはまらないもの作りをしたいと思い 制作を始めました。

Designer masako / 1973 Hayama, Kanagawa, JAPAN
Joshibi Junior College of Art and Design, London College of Fashion

Influenced by the “European sense of design" and combining a "Japanese delicate beauty”.
I decided I would start making something that doesn’t fit into any particular genre.

insistence when creating something


一針一針丁寧に編むことにより 一針一針違った表情、あたたかみ、重量感がでて

My insistence when creating something that has a “hand made warmth"

I choose individual own dyed yarn for most of my products and knit each product by hand, one by one, a long process, but by mixing different coloured yarn and materials, I enjoy expressing the different textures of these natural materials, so I can produce a unique hand woven product,each stitch shows a different expression which creates warmth and substance that can never be expressed by a machine.
This creates a piece of perfection that is far beyond just hand made.

insistence in the design


その人の個性を最大に引き立たせ 尚且つ「MAUSAU」でありたいと思っています。

My insistence in the design is “simplicity Harmony and Synergy" with this independent philosophy in mind it helps bring out the uniqueness of each person wearing it.
Still keeping the uniqueness of “MAUSAU”.